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"We honour young people when we ask much of them.  We demean them when we ask too little."

(John Paul ll)

Choosing to Love


Year 9 and Year 10 students

Choosing to Love is the second module in a series on Human Sexuality and Relationship with a Catholic Ethos, designed for middle secondary school students: years 9 and 10.

Choosing to Love reveals to students that Human beings are created to be in relationship with God and with each other.  They are called to love and be loved, to flourish, grow and reach their potential.


     - To facilitate an understanding of the truths of the Catholic Church  

          on Human Sexuality and Relationships

     - To show that these truths are logical and beneficial to individuals,

          couples and society today

     - To show that these truths result in human happiness

     - In appreciating these truths students are invited to follow them in

          a secular world.

Choosing to Love structure:

     - A Full day Seminar Day which includes 2 short DVD presentations to the whole year cohort, with remainder of the program taking place in small groups of approximately 12 students.

Choosing to Love Program sessions include:

     - Stages of one's life journey and goals

     - Information Sessions on Foetal Development, Fertility, Unplanned Pregnancy, STIs

     - Media influences

     - Relationship Sessions:  Friendships, Relationship Scenarios

     - Choosing to Love (before Marriage):  Dating, choices, behaviors

     - Choosing to Love (in Marriage):  Intercourse, Natural Family Planning

     - Choosing to Love now:  Chastity as a lifestyle choice, Activities to build relationships,

     - Personal reflection on the individual's life journey.

Chastity is respect, reverence and patience.  Its fruits are integration, gratitude and joy.


                    (Ronald Rolheiser:  Seeking Spirituality)