Student testimonials

God calls you to

make definitive choices,

and He has a plan

for each of you:  

To discover that plan

and to respond to your vocation

is to move

toward personal fulfillment'

Pope Francis:  (World Youth Day Rio 2013)

Loving Today


Year 11 and Year 12 students

and Young Adults

Loving Today is the third module in a series on Human Sexuality and Relationship with a Catholic Ethos, designed for upper secondary school students; years 11 and 12.

'Loving Today' examines contempory attitudes concerning relationships, and challenges young adults to consider a future of exclusive committed relationship in marriage: creating family with ongoing benefits for society.

Loving Today objectives:

     - To contemplate what a mature sexuality means

     - To recognise that chastity applies in all human relationships

     - To recognize that building solid foundations benefits and supports one's future

     - To define real love in Marriage (Eros, Agape and Commitment)

     - To see God in our life journey

Loving Today working format:

     - Students work in small groups

     - Each student group works in a separate classroom.

Loving Today Program sessions include:

     - The dimensions and expressions of Love

     - Life journey of the individual and of the couple

     - Creating a Family:  Fertility and Fertility Replacement Therapies

     - Family models today

     - Media messages

     - Important Qualities in relationships

     - Cohabit or Wait?  -  Decisions, choices and outcomes

     - Dating

     - Nature of Love

     - Marriage and Conjugal Intercourse

     - God's Love

     - Looking towards tomorrow.

'The union of man and woman in marriage is a unique, natural, fundamental good

for persons, families, communities and whole societies.'

Pope Francis