Christian Educational Programs on Sexuality and Relationships


The Healthy Loving talk series is designed for upper secondary school students.  

The focus is Human Sexuality and Relationships with a Catholic Ethos.

Each talk is a stand alone presentation, delivered within one class period to the whole year cohort.

Talks can include the following topics:


     - Sexually transmitted infections

     - Fertility Management (natural and contraception)

     - Unplanned pregnancy

     - Pornography issues


     - Respectful relationships

     - Wellness through relationships

     - Finding meaning and purpose

     - Same sex attraction

     - Why wait?

Topics can be adapted to meet the requirements of the School.

Loving for Life WA promotes and supports Natural Fertility Management.  Delivery of information to students is based on Medical and Scientific research and validation of the Billings Ovulation Method.

"We honour young people when we ask much of them.  We demean them when we ask too little."

(John Paul ll)